Internet connection on static IP

I have set to a static IP and it’s on the network but the NAS cannot get internet access.  I’ve used tghe following:

IP address



DNS (Sky)

I am sure the gateway and netmask is correct (checked with ipconfig and on sky help page)

On the network I can access the drive via the new IP but when I go to dashboard, it says no internet.

Any help?

Yeah mate. It will be a dns issue. Try setting it to your modem/router ip. Failing that try thats the google dns. See how you go.

The router ip(gateway) is definitely correct as that’s how I can log into it thorugh IE. 

EDIT  Oops, sorry, just re-read your post.  I thin, you mean UI should change teh DNS setting to the same as teh gateway?  I’ll give that a whirl and post result.

Yep, set the DNS to the gateway ( and now the conenction is there.