Internet connection by the switch

the wdtvlive was plugged directly into my modem / router and internet connection worked, but I bought a brand swicth d-links, Switch D-Link 8-port 10/100 DES-1008A, and tried to plug it in and it did not work. In the automatic setting and manual he could not connect to the internet, even filling out the correct ip, mask, gateway and dns. I use the ps3 and computer swicth and it works normal. Question: WDTV liv streming is not compatible with this swicth?

I have a slightly different switch: D-Link DES-1005A. SMP works well with it.

how did you get it to work with your switch? you configure the network automatically or manually. If you manually configured as the ip, mask, gateway and dns?

I have my WDTV connected to a little Trendnet 5-port ‘Green’ switch. It works fine.

Exactly how are things connected? It should be pretty basic. Connect router to one of the switch’s ports, then the WDTV to another. It should be invisible to the WDTV and there should be no difference than connecting direct to the router. Do you have any other devices you can connect to the switch to verify it works? You could have a bad cable or connection somewhere.

I have a DHCP internet connection. All settings are automatic.

Ordinarily, If you’re connecting an out-board 10/100 switch to a switchport on your router, you MUST use a CROSSOVER cable.

The DES-1008A says it supports Auto-Crossover, but to check that, make sure the Port LEDs on both the Router and the Switch are correctly lit.