Internet and HDD intermittent loss

Hey folks, 

I tried contacting the Phone support, their suggestion helped for a short while, then the problem returned…

every once in a while, i would come home from work to find that my desktop (wired) and my phone (wireless… duh :P) both dont have internet… modem is perfectly fine, simple unplug & replug of router and boom, internet is back.

As of lately however, this problem has been happening more and more frequently.

As for the HDD, i never really had problems with that, but recently now my computer doesnt detect it, and a simple replugging doesnt fix it. i tried to reset the router, that fixed it, but now i cannot connect to it again… I really need access to the information i have backed up there, it’s only copies i have of a lot of things!

Any ideas?

Try disabling DNS Proxy as suggested in this post:

N900 Central - DNS proxy

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