Internet access to shares by family members

I do not yet own a My Cloud. My brother and I manage the finances for our Dad. Can I set up a Share on a My Cloud in a way that both my brother and I can access the Share containing my Dad’s financial records from anywhere? My brother and I do not live close to each other?

Would my brother have to install any software?

Given my brothers reluctance to installing anything he does not understand well it would be best if the share appeared on his PC looking just like a folder or another drive. If accessing it takes more than one or two steps it will not work for us.

Hello there,

Yes you are able to access the drive remotely from anywhere, you would need to use the My cloud app, there is a mobile version for Android and iOS and then there is a desktop version for computers Maco os and Windows.

The drive wont appear as a additional drive, but with the desktop application it would not be so hard to transfer the information to the device.

Yes you can set up the My Cloud for remote access.
Yes you can configure Shares (top level folders) on the My Cloud for restricted/password access.
Yes you may have to install WD software, or use FTP, or use web portal, for accessing content on the My Cloud remotely.

I would suggest you take some time to read through the My Cloud User Manual ( to understand the various features/options of the My Cloud and how to configure those options/features.

@JOHN_SCHROEDER You may want to take a look at this, be sure to view the My Cloud │ How it Works tab.

You can visit the Learning Center too, for more on the My Cloud.