Internal WD hard drive 1TB suddenly become RAW and after that completely become unresponsive

A couple of days ago i was browsing and my whole system crash. After I force restart it, The BIOS show me an error massage that is says My I/O Devices have some problem and could not start.

I ran Dell’s diagnostic utility and its shows me It gave me an error code of 2000-0151 and told me the hdd was in incorrect status = 32

There is nothing I can do, so i bought a new internal hdd and replace it.

I have a external hdd case with USB 3.0 cable. When i put the old hdd in the case and connect it to the use port the system recognizes the device but it told me that its RAW format and need to be formatted. I did not format it of course.

after I unplug it and plug it again there is no prompt for format all that is does now is system freezing… nothing more. I hear that the drive is spinning inside the case, and its show up in “This PC” as Local Disk (G:) and Local Disk (H;) but that is the windows explorer greed loading bar load forever and nothing else working when the hdd is plug in, when I unplug the hdd everything goes fine working. Is There anything at this world that i could do to recover my data… i will write down what I have tried so far.

The partitions are shows in This PC but not responsive

i have tried cmd command chkdsk g: /f - freezing until the hdd is unplug.

I have tried the testdisk-7.0 tool - freezing too until the hdd is unplug.

When I open Disk Management its freeze. Nothing shows up. Until it is unplug of course.

The device manager recognize it as usb device.

I will be very greatful if someone is able to help me with this situation.


Based on the information you have provided I believe your hard drive has failed. Since you mentioned you need to recover the data I recommend you contact a data recovery company in order to have it professionally recovered.

I dont recommend any repair services since this may damage the drive even more and make the data irrecoverable.

There may be a possibility that a partition is affected by some virus or have some bad sectors in it. I would suggest you to download partition recovery software to recover data from inaccessible partition and then format that partition for reuse. Good Luck!!