Internal Server Error

I am getting the Internal Server Error when trying to log into My Cloud Home. I am running Windows 10 OS Build I have deleted and reinstalled WD Discovery. The My Cloud Home Drive is connected to my computer via a docking station and USB cable. We could not solve the Drive is not connected to the network error and took it to someone to try recovering the data to no avail.
Thank You for the answer about data recovery. I am more concerned with getting WD Discovery to recognize the drive. How do I get past the Internal Server Error?

That’s not going to work. Your HDD could have bad sectors or failed.
Check this link

Thank You. I looked into it and it is too expensive. Do you know how to get past the Internal Server Error?

From other post, the internal server error on Windows can happy when the KDD (Desktop App) process is not running. I would Control+Alt_Delete and check to see if KDD is running or not.

When in doubt…