Internal network and external network

I have a problem cant fix, anyone have same problem or sloution can help me.

MBL connect wirless rounter and I have a iPad with WD2go and WD Photo app. When I use 3G or other external network WiFi  to use WD app. They are normally and function, but when I use wireless rounter WiFi connect, WD apps cant connect the MBL file. How can I use WD apps when I use internal WiFi network? Is that there have something I need to setup?

Many Thanks for help.

If you have an option on the router that looks like “Filter Internet NAT Redirection” then turn that option off.

Essentially it allows any computer on your local network to access services from your public IP as if the accessing computer was on the WAN side of the router.  For this to happen the Internet NAT redirection filter needs to be disabled.

Some routers allows this by default.  Mine has the option to enable and disable the option.  Some routers don’t allow NAT redirection.  Depends on the router.

Thx for info. let me try this option today later.:manhappy: