Internal movie scraper on network shares

Hi there

My live hub gets movie information and artwork fine for both movies on the internal harddrive and on an external harddrive connected throught the usb, however it doesnt do this for my movie folder on my Network share. Does the hub only support content info and artwork for ithe internal and usb hdd only ? And if so how do i get artwork for media on the network share ?

Network Shares work identically to USB and internal disk, as long as the share is added to your Media Library.

Hi tony thanx for the reply, the folder is already added to the media library, when go through videos and i select the desired mkv i press the options button and there is no choice for fetching content.

Then it can only be a few things.

  1-  The share is not actually in your media library.

  2-  Your CONTENT source is not set to “My Media Library” via the red button.

  3-  You’re trying to add content info for a FOLDER, not a FILE.

Thanx tony it worked