Internal HDD showing up as removable drive in Windows 10

I have done a clean install of Windows 10 (64 bit) and now my WD Green WD10EADX internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) shows up as removable hardware in Windows 10.

A Western Digital (WD) representative ( SuperSoph_WD) advised on to re-install the SATA controller drivers for my computer.

So I’ve searched on WD-support for Windows 10 drivers for the WD Green WD10EADX HDD. But I couldn’t find any drivers, just the notice:

Support for this product has ended and is no longer available per WD Product Software Support Status.
For assistance Ask the WD Community

So I’m asking here.

Currently the Windows 10 clean install resulted in the following drivers:

Extra information:

I’ve got Write caching enabled in Device Manager’s properties.

Furthermore I couldn’t find any ‘Hot Plug’ settings in the BIOS.

The chipset on my Mother Board (MB) is: Intel Q65 (Intel 6 series). But there I couldn’t find any drivers either.
I installed the Intel driver and Support Assistens (SA), but it reports: “No supported driver or software updates are available for your system.”, but that might be a pitfall. The Q65 chipset is discontinued, would that mean that it is no longer supported and therefore the SA won’t show any updates?
The currently installed driver is from 6/21/2006 !

Driver Details

My Computer manufacturer Acer (Acer Veriton X4610G) only provides drivers up to Windows 8 (x64) and doesn’t update them any more (out of support). Would the Windows 8 (64bit) drivers be usable in Windows 10 (64bit)?

The latest AHCI driver I could find on the Acer site was a Windows 7 one: “AHCI_Intel_10.1.0.1008_W7x86x64”. It is of later date (2010-11-21) than the currently installed driver, but will an old Win 7 driver work on Win 10 or more likely mess things up?

Can someone help me with a solution?

Sometimes disks are marked as removable when a PCIe SATA card is used.

No PCIe SATA card is used. I use an internal SATA3 slot on my Motherboard.

Some motherboards have an ASmedia SATA chip on them to add more ports. Ordinarily these are shown as standard disks.

I suggest checking the BIOS make sure hot plug is disabled

Please read the opening post.
There is an Intel Q65 chipset, with an Intel sata controller.
There are no hotplug uptions in the UEFI / BIOS.

The reason I mention it is that some motherboards expose the SATA hotplug some don’t.

Given that your board is showing removable and that you have the latest BIOS not much else that can be done