Internal HDD Failure *cries*

Howdy everyone,

Well… i hate to say it but ive returned my unit for warranty. It seems the Internal HDD has failed, i can no longer access it, via any means.

I purchased it just before January and of course its full of home movies and iso’s :frowning: luckily i have them backed up.

Here’s hoping it doesnt take too long and it works as well as it did before when it gets returned .

Thought i’d post this as i havent seen any other people have issues with their Internal 1TB .


My 1TB hard drive died in mine after 5 months… BS…

Yes it was a bit sad.

But im glad i still backed it up, all was not lost.

On another good note, i returned the unit on saturday at Officeworks, they rang me today to inform me they had run WD for the warranty procedure and were told. WD do not repair this unit, give the customer a new one.

So im all smiles again, i am at this moment copying files to my new WD TV Live Hub .

Great service from WD and Officeworks, on such a quick response to a warranty claim. Kudo’s to you