Internal HD about to die. Best method to do a full backup and recovery?

Forgive me, as I know these questions might be quite basic. My internal HD has critical errors and is about to die so I am about to replace it. I have a 2010 WD Elements attached via USB.

I searched my PC for any WD software but found none. On WD’s software download page, there are several choices but could not determine which one would apply best for me. (I assume WD has better backup software then what came with my Win7).

Will I need to reinstall Win7 first from the OEM Windows disks or can I clone my HD so that when I install the new one, I can completely restore it from the cloned version?

Just point me to the proper articles, websites. Thanks.



The WD Elements does not come with any specific backup software. You can use any third party software or the WD Smartware Pro.

If you use the WD Smartware Pro, you wont be able to clone your internal drive to the WD Elements.

You can copy the data to the WD Elements and create a new OS installation on the New drive.