Internal hardisk

i have dell studio 1450 laptop. internal hard disk(320 gb)  i got that crashed has model no WD3200BEVT. and now i want to purchase 500 gb hard disk. so to go for LPVT or BPVT would be a gud option or not???

what sort of hard drive should i purchase???

4 gb ram and core 2 duo processor i have.

Hi well the LPVT drives are sata 6 Gb’/s  drives but they are the new slim drive’s only 7 mm thick and are designed for thin light mobile applications so it may be to thin and would leave space so the drive could move around unless a spacer was used. To be sure it would fit I would go for the Blue BPVT drive. If you are looking for more speed and faster response time the WD black drive’s are great also they have a 5 year warranty compared to the blue drives that have a 2 year warranty. This would be the model number of the black drive.  WD5000BPKT