Internal Hard Drive Replacement-WD3200AVJB

I have a dead WD3200AVJB in an EDVR used with a security camera. I can no longer find this hard drive to purchase. Can someone please tell me the number of a comparable hard drive. I found the WD3200AAJB but do I need for it to be an AV hard drive?

Thanks for your help.

The WD3200AVJB and the WD3200AAJB have the same specs, so it should work, but you can always contact the EDVR manufacturer for more information.

AV drives implement the ATA Streaming feature set. This allows them to skip over bad blocks to prevent disruption to the flow of video. Desktop drives, OTOH, might retry a bad block for several seconds before returning an error. You may like to consider this behaviour when choosing your replacement drive.

BTW, Caviar Reds also support Streaming commands.

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