Internal drive OS install

I am considering purchasing a WD Black SN750 1TB drive.
My current laptop is Dell Inspiron 7591 2n1.
It has 500GB PCie SSD drive.
The OS is Windows 11. Single partition.
What is the best way to put in the new drive and transfer the OS over?
Do I backup current drive to USB drive and then boot from there and copy?
Does WD come with some software to help this process?


This is just my opinion…I have always found things to work better installing Windows as a fresh install.
Cloning just seemed to create more problems for ME. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right, I don’t know. A fresh install of Windows eliminates any OS problems you might be having and some that might not have surfaced yet. Again, just my opinion.

To clone WD does allow you to download Acronis True Image for free so you can clone from your old drive to your new one. Seems people have a lot of problems when they use USB adapters as some adapters will hide the fact that you are using a WD drive and WD version of Acronis won’t see a WD drive and therefore won’t work.

Macrium Reflect Free won’t have this issue. So a lot of people just use it instead. So you will need some way to connect the new 750 to the Dell so you can clone the old drive to the new drive. Usually ends up being some type of USB adapter.

You might consider THIS forum for some further help in your process.

Thank you.
I can purchase USB adapter for PCIE SSD drive 750 and then clone my C drive using Macrium Reflect.
Benefit of this solution is I will have USB adapter for the old PCIE 500 GB I am taking out as additional store…