Internal drive not discoverable by Windows 7

Hi all

I installed my new “WD Black 750 GB Internal hard drive Serial ATA-300 2.5” 7200 rpm WD7500BPKT"  in my DELL Precision M4600 by replacing the internal DVD Optical drive and using a compatible SATA caddy.

The drive was discoverable by the BIOS and assigned a volume, and the Windows7 (64bit) device manager recognizes it, however Windows does not assign it a volume and therefore is not discoverable in “My Computer”.

Any one has any suggesions ?  Would I need to Format it ??

Many thanks.


I recommend that you go to Windows Start Bar and load up Computer Management.

Then you click on to Disk management (left side)

You will see your drive, it will need to be Clicked on, then create a new volume, format it and Voila - it will be working within 2 minutes.


yep, worked like a charm!! :)   Many thanks.