Internal drive never stops spinning

My internal HDD has never stopped spinning since I installed it 6 months ago. Are HDDs supposed to do that, even when no programs are running and you’re not touching the computer at all? Not ever EVER stop spinning? It also never stops spinning when running Linux from USB stick (“live”).

Thinkpad t520
Win 7 Pro 64 bit, newly reinstalled 6 months ago, has ever latest update
HDD 1 Tb Western Digital Black, 6 months old
Intel Core i5-2540M 2.60Ghz
6 Gb RAM

Below is a list of the troubleshooting I have already done.

CPU is at 0 to 2% according to Task Manager
HDD set to turn off after 1 minute
Full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials found nothing
Resource Monitor: often says the only process using HDD is “System” with around 1,200 B/sec. Attached are typical screenshots.
Checked Task Manager and Resource Monitor for bloatware and programs running in background but I would only recognize them if they were very obvious.
Disabled the following (temporarily, to troubleshoot):

Windows Search
paging file
Windows Update
Microsoft Security Essentials



If it is a boot drive and the computer is on, that is normal. Secondary drives may power down while not in use depending on what exactly you have your power settings on in the OS.