Internal Backup

Dear All,
After upgrading the firmware of WDEX4100 from 2.40 to 5.05, Internal Backup is not working without internet.

Please Suggest how we can activate Internal backup without internet or we can downgrade the firmware to the same old firmware 2.40


@innovate The Internal Backups is not default app any more and needs to be installed from the Apps Tab.
If you cannot see the apps, you may refer to the below KBA.

The 3rd party apps are working even with no Internet access.

Dear Team,

How can I downgrade to the previous version of firmware as our customer
returning back the unit as an internal backup without internet?


Dear team,

Please reply


@innovate The downgrade to OS3 is not supported. Download link for Internal Backup

You may install the Internal Backup Package using the below link

App Installation Failed

  • Incompatible app package file. Please check the app package and try again.
    I tried many times, all got above message.