Internal backup job not saved

Hi there,

i´ve recently purchased a MyCloud EX2 and runnig it with two 2 TB WD drives as single volumes. Firmware is 2.10.310.

I want to backup some shares which reside on volume 1 to a backup share on volume 2 using the internal backup feature.
Unfortunately the backup job is not saved when hitting the “Create”-Button. It says “Updating…”, but when finished the job list remains empty.

I tried different settings (copy, synchronize, with or without recurrence, different shares or subfolders) but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

Sidenote: RAID 1 or resetting the device (i just installed it yesterday) is no option.


Problem seems to be gone after i´ve created an usb backup job.
Now every internal back job i want to create is saved.

Sounds a bit wheird, but at least i have my internal backup… :expressionless:


this new fw is full of bugs