Internal Backup Failure (after firmware update?)

Dear Friends, I set several internal backup plans on MyCloud2EX, all of them were working properly:

  • incremental backups
  • working well on daily basis
  • internal backups to special folder on the drive (NAS)

Today I needed to use the backup but found out all the backups had stopped spontaneously in the beginning of November 2015. It looks like it has begun with the automatic firmware update (now I have ver. 2.10.310 - the white interface).

Therefore I wanted to set new internal backup plans. Whenever I create one, it even does not appear in the list.

I tried to:

  • Test various possibilities including types of internal backup (copy, increment, scheduled/nonscheduled)
  • Look for the help elsewhere in the forum (found out only the topic with USB backup failures)

Please, could you help me to fix this issue?

Many thanks,


Hi there,

Try to reset the device see if this can help you out. Here’s a link that might help you with this process:

Thank you, ArMak, I will try it.