Intermittnent "ok" button and play issues

Hey all, wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this issue before i post in the technical forums, im hoping its just firmware.

Itermittently when i hit stop on a video, or simply turn the machine on from power off state the WD essentially gets stuck on the main screen. I can still skip around to options but when you press ok it simply makes the ackowledgment of the command but goes nowhere. The only fix i have found is to hard reset from the box. Now ive checked for updates and im running the current setup, and at this point im wondering if its the firmware. and even more intermittent the Wd also has been making some graphical issues such as the heads up display appearing in the middle of the screen, and the spinning arrow just sits and spins when i click on a clip. Hopefully im not the only one having these issues, i would hate to say it after all the boasting to others ive been doing with the WD for the past year but this month my PS3 has been more dependable (YIKES) and thats saying something lol

Thanks guys !

It might be a firmware issue but nobady else has reported something like that…

Are you able to try a rollback to the previews firmware.