Intermittently losing contact with my data on a 4TB WD Black internal HDD

Hello all. I am running windows 10 Pro and have a 4tb WD Black as my system drive. I have several other drives that I use for data, etc. All based on a new Asus Crosshair III Hero motherboard with 60GB RAM and an AMD Ryzen 3700x CPU. Lately, sometimes a few times a day, I’ll reboot and my computer acts like it is booting to an empty drive: As soon as I get to a command prompt and run chkdsk /f on the drive, it pops back and everything including the partitions is there exactly as it was before. Even when the drive is ghosting me, it still lists as being physically there, but unalloted. What might make it pop into this state during a routine reboot, and keep continually doing this? It’s driving me batty!
Can anyone offer ideas/suggestions?

Thank you so much.



We would recommend you to connect the drive as secondary storage via SATA port to the computer and check the drive for any damage or defects. The Best practice is to run diagnostics with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows when a drive does not perform as expected or is behaving abnormally. Please refer to the following KBA article: