Intermittent stops My passport

I have an external WD My passport drive 320 GBs for about half an year the hard disk was working perfectly. Now I seem to be experiencing some Intermittent hard drive stops. The disk makes a clicking sound and during that time the you can see the hard disk in My Computer and the WD virtual CD, but you cannot enter them after a while the hard disk stops clicking and works again for a while. The only other way to get it working is to disconnect and connect it.

Please advise has any one else experience such a problem ?

Thank you in advance.

You could download our diagnostic utility to see if the drive is okay.  But I would make sure that you have your data backed up to another source before proceeding.

DLG Diagnostics

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Hi tested it with the tool SMART and Extended test: PASS, is it possible to be a low power on the USB port since I  have heared the same noise when you plug a too long cable on an external hard drive or plug it in USB HUB. The hard is directly puged into the mother boards USB’s. Also I am with Windows 7 can this have something to do with it ?

I would definitely get the power booster cable and see if that helps.  You can purchase one through the WD Store (online), or through Tech Support.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

WD Store

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