Intermittent network issue (kinda long)

I got my WDTV Live PLus hooked up yesterday. And everything seemed fine. The WDTV is connected via ethernet to a Buffalo router and I use the Playback Media Server on my Mac to serve up all my music, pics and movies.

Last night we watched a movie no problem. This morning my daughter watched some cartoons I’ve got saved. No problem. I also watched a Netflix movie last night.

Today however, i turned the WDTV off to watch regular TV. When i turned it back on, nothing worked. I went to video > media servers > playback:macpro (my computer btw). It shows my list of folders but when I click on one, i get some error about the network failing or being set up incorrectly. I cannot remember exactly. Anyway, i also tried my Netflix queue and it to, failed. So for some reason the WDTV just stopped using my network. My computers still worked. i still had an internet connection through my router etc. It wasn’t a problem with the Playback Media Server as the Netflix failed too.

Anyway, i cycled the power on the cable modem, the router, the WDTV and the media server. And still nothing. No network connection. I then went to the network settings and chose “Check Connection” which said everyhting was fine. It still wouldn’t connect btw. Then I went to Network Setup and told it to set up automatically. After that, everything seems to be working fine.

But I am wondering if this is the kind of thing i’m going to have to deal with daily? I mean, the ONLY thing new in my whole setup is the WDTV. So i know its not a problem with any of my equipment. Its just this little device deciding that there is no longer a network connection. When there obviously is.

Edit: Ok. so i take ti abck about the resetting the network fixing things. Resetting the netowrk (on the WDTV) allowed me to see my media served content but netflix is still unavailable. So i guess I’ll be resetting the box per everyone elses discussions on here. This thing is less than a day old and already its really annoying.