Intermittent buzzing noise from EX2 Ultra

Hi All
Since I purchased the EX2 Ultra a while back, I’ve been experiencing an intermittent buzzing noise coming from the drive which sounds like radio frequency/wireless interference which comes and go. It can start quiet before getting louder. It’s sometimes brief or sometimes it hangs around and is loud enough to be heard from a couple of meters away.
It doesn’t appear to be wireless interference because if you tap the front of the drive it stops. I’ve re-seated the drives but it still comes back.

I can only maybe think its pressure in the casing somewhere from when the drives spin that’s maybe causing it or maybe electrical interference?

I have recorded an audio clip in link below. You can hear it stop around the 9 second mark when I tap.

Any ideas? It’s really annoying!

Hello there,

Try to check the unit by doing a diagnostic. On the Utility section under settings you can check the system and the drives. Also try to check if the drive has any notification on the dashboard.


I had a look, and I’ve now done a quick Disk Test and system test and all is green. Currently doing a Full Disk Test, will let you know the results.

Full disk test done, no fault found. Hmmmm