Intermittent Bluescreen/No signal

Hi all!!!

I recently switched my WDTVLH’s output from component to HDMI (old receiver died).  About 15 to 20% of the time, the hub fails to get content to the screen.  What I see is a 4:3 blue box on my TV.

I’ve gone though the forums here and read about the HDMI handshake issues, but they seemed to be binary; either you got a pic or you didn’t.  My issue is intermittent.

Here’s as much info as I think is relevant, but (TonyPH) feel free to id essential info I’ve omitted :slight_smile:

– WDTVLH [HDMI] to Onkyo TX-NR709 [HDMI] to HDFURYIII [component] to Panny plasma TH-50PHD8U 1080i

– All devices flashed to current firmwares as of this moment

– WDTVLH resolution set to HDMI (auto)

For clarity, the workaround is a hard off on the WDTVLH (holding the power button for >3 secs) and voila!

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Thanks hubbers!!!

Jim Preis

You are using HDMI in auto, try to setup your HDMI output in a fixed resolution.

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OK.  I’ve constrained the WDTVLH to output 1080i/60 which is the max my monitor can handle and so far - drumroll - it hasn’t happened since.

So thank you for your suggestion.

If it doesn’t happen again in the next week, I’ll accept as solution.

TY again!!!


My wife says it’s fixed. She has a degree in electrical engineering and I’m a lowly project manager so I’m accepting your input as the solution : ). Thank you kindly sir!


Good to know that is working.