Intermittent blue circle no media in current folder

My setup works great most of the time.  I have successfully watched all my video media. However sometimes…

I go to video -> Media servers -> my networked PC ->choose the shared folder on an external HD.

It takes a long time for the WDTVLive to display the contents of  my network HD. I get the blue circle for ages, then it either displays the directory like you would expect(70% of the time) or sometimes it says “there is no media in the current folder” (30% of the time). I have played this media many times. The problem is intermittent.

If I back out of the menu system and back in, it never fixes the problem. It doesn’t even really check again - it goes straight to the “no media” message.  

However, if I back out of the menu system and then go into “Network Shares” and play any file, then stop and go back to the “Media servers” as described at the very beginning of this post, it does check for files again, and it usually finds them this time.

My usual solution is to turn the WDTVLive off then on again, and It fixes the problem about the same percentages as above (70/30).

Once a movie starts playing, it continues without any problems. And once the directory is found and things get up and going, the device behaves normally for the remainder of the session.

here is a schematic of my setup:

WDTVLive - wired connection - Dlink DIR628 - Wired connection - Home PC (Vista32) - USB connection - External HD.

Thanks for any help,


If “Network Shares” are an option for you, why on earth would you want to use “Media Servers?”  Especially Windows’ lousy implementation?

Great question.

My unfortunate answer is “I don’t know”. What are the drawbacks of using Network shares vs. Media Servers?

And, nevertheless, I guess there really is no solution to my strange problem?

Thank you


Well, compared to WINDOWS’ Media Server, there aren’t ANY drawbacks I can think of…  The benefit is that you’ll be able to play more file types than Windows Media Server will allow you to view…