Intermitten LAN connectivity


I have a My Cloud connected to a modem router and two LAN wired Win 8.1 PC’s. It appears that when one PC can actually access the My Cloud the drive is sluggish and often disconnects - and this is with a CAT 5 connection to the router for both PC’s and My Cloud. Also if one of the PC’s does have a solid connection as soon as the user on the other PC connects to the My Cloud both PC’s loose connection.

I have had the My Cloud for about 3 weeks and had hoped it was “teething” problems however it appears to just be an inferior product. have not tried to frequently access remotely however on attempts it appears to connect 1 in every 4 times.

Any suggestions on improving LAN perfomance would be appreciated.



Just to make sure, you are connecting through the Windows explorer network explorer, right?

Yes, connecting via windows explorer and also from within applications. Such as Photoshop. I have been trying to use it as our shared HD for saving psd files etc. However it often drops out while working and files will stop saving to it or take forever to save.

Very disapointing performance. Is great when it works however it is so rare which makes it more troublesome.


When the NAS looses connection, do you still see the shares on the network, and can you access them, or is it only Photoshop that complains?

It is everything. Every other device is accessible on the network just the My Cloud becomes completely unaccessible - be it within Photoshop or file explorer. Really frustraiting especially having lost work…actually just opened a file off the My Cloud to work on from within PS had done an hours work hit save now have been staring at the “working” cursor for approx 6 minuets.

Wow seems like WD Community Support is as good as their products…seems awesome at first but just doesn’t quit live up to it’s promise :frowning:

Not sure where you are going with this.

This is a user to user community here…

Intermittent disconnections on the network have plagued many users. Some users think it is because some processes on the NAS overwhelm the Samba service and the connection gets lost. Some have seen success with shutting down some of the services, setting a fixed IP, etc.

Because your case is pretty common and there has been no magic bullet, I am not surprised you don’t see many users come up with ideas and solutions.

It doesn’t mean the community is not working.

Sorry, I was not trying to insult the community…which having read other user posts I am aware of how great fellow users are. I had assumed that WD tech support moderated this board and would be able to asisst. Which once again goes to show how poorly WD run their business. 


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