Interlocutory BIOS on my WDBACW0015HBK-NESN unit

MyBook 1.5TB


Serial #: [[REMOVED]]


After a few weeks of erratic spin-up behavior, my WDBACW0015HBK-NESN now refuses to power up:  and I am frightened.

I have long harbored _ deep suspicions _ about the WD architecture of MyBooks. It has always seemed to me that WD has installed an interlocutory BIOS of some kind on the combined power and usb3 controller.

So I decided to remove the drive from the WD MyBook usb3 enclosure:

And to operate it externally:  by mounting it in a usb3 dock.

This is the contained 1.5TB SATA/64MB Cache WD15EARS (S/N: [[REMOVED]]):

which apparently can not be reliably operated without this proprietary WD usb3 controller:

macro copy.gif

The 1.5TB SATA/64MB Cache WD15EARS (S/N: [[REMOVED]]) will not run in a USB3 dock.

But when I reassemble the unit on my desk, like this:

it works just fine.

Here’s the question:  what kind of hidden partitions and hidden BIOS instructions is WD putting on these units which makes it impossible to run them as Plain Old Hard Drives?

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