Interlaced HD files playback problem


I have looked through the threads but can’t quite pin down an answer. Was hoping for confirmation. WD play interlaced capability?

I have a VC1 UK 25fps stream/file (BBC :frowning:  ) 1080i. Now my Samsung TV handles it fine but my WD play live cannot and it jutters. Can the WD handle 1080i at 25fps?

HB compression to H.264 and trying with decomb/deinterlace also doesn’t make a difference to the playback.

Thank you

On the WDTV, manually set the Video Output to 1080i 50Hz   (Setup > Audio/Video Output > Video Output)

If that doesn’t  fix it … then i aint got a clue     (i only have progressive media content)

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Yes thx. found the setting and it has sorted it.