just set up new live hd to access dvd and blueray collection stored on NAS. everything connects and works fine, but it’s a challenge to find playable files for each movie. have to find drive, dig thru folders, click on movie, dig thru more folders to play. is it possible to do media library scan on NAS drive to get one click access, or am i dreaming?  many thanks!

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Yes, you are dreaming.  Best way is to organize your movies on your NAS into folders (I have mine in Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, etc.) so you can go to the right folder to at least narrow your choices.  You can also use a media server which might make things easier for you (but I personally HATE them – YMMV).

Even though I have hundreds of movies I find it takes less than a minute to find the one I want as long as they are organized properly on my NAS.