Interesting Video Test Files

I found a site that has a few interesting video test files that can benchmark the throughput of our SMP.

It has the same video from 20Mbps to 90Mbps rates. Towards the end of the first post, it also has a James Bond movie test file. I am wondering what you guys can achieve with your setup.

I put these video files on a flash drive and test two configurations. The first is mounting the flash drive directly on the USB slot at the rear of the SMP. The second configuration is mounting the flash drive on a Vista PC and play the video through my home network (PC connected to a GigE router and the SMP is connected via MoCA).

On the first configuration, I can play up to 60Mbps. The James Bond movie plays nicely too.

On the second configuration, I can only play up to 28Mbps. The James Bond movie breaks up heavily.

Note that my MoCA network has a throughput of 95Mbps, tested by using iPerf running on 2 Linux PCs with a 1.5GB file.

Let me know what you get with your setup.


In a USB drive, 3 TB connected in the USB port in the back of the device, it played nice, no issues what so ever.

Over the network, wire connecting, a GigE router, the movie started, it brakes for about 4 seconds and then it played normally.

There are 12 video test files plus one movie clip. Was your test performed with the movie clip only?

If you play these 12 video test files one by one (from lowest speed to highest speed), at some point the player cannot catch up with it. It would be interesting to know the max speed your SMP can play, from the USB port and from Network Share.