Interested in Storing/Backing-up w/ My Book Studio Edition II

I am currently in a rut, deciding to go with the Drobo or the WD My Book Studio Edition II.

I am a photographer who uses both film and digital, my plan is as follows:

Purchase two My Book Studio Edition II drives, one designated for film scans, the other for digial files. I don’t plan on editing the files off the harddrive, firstly off the computer and then off they go onto the My Book.

Some questions I have:

  1. Say I got the 2TB (x2 1 TB drives), am I able to store files on one and have it mirrored on the other?

  2. After that 1TB drive is full, am I able to just swap that only one drive out and tuck it away, purchase another 1TB drive and continue to store on that and have the same 2nd drive mirroring?

  3. Is this a terrible idea? I am open to suggestions, this was so far the only type of work flow I found that is simple and effective. Seems to allow me to have a back up which gets stored away and while the drive is in the case, it is being mirrored.

  4. Also, I remember asking about if it came up as two drives and it doesn’t. Is there a way to partition it or would having it set to mirror automatically show me how much space I have left on the 1TB drive?

Could anyone have some input on this topic for me?

Have you attempted to contact WD about this?

Dear all 

I have updated my WD Smartware for mac but I can’t save docs from my laptop (macbook) to the external drive WD smartware. 

Thank you on advance for yoir help.