Interested in purchasing My Cloud

I am very interested in buying a My Cloud for the house. I am having one issue pulling the trigger and can’t find an answer. I know how the “clouds” with Apple works but since this one is in your own house would it use data over your Internet. I have a monthly data limit and if put the My Cloud device in the house would it use data if I upload files from my home desktop to it. I know if I used it remotely it would but locally at home I couldn’t find an answer for.

Just an example. If I have a movie on My Cloud drive and want to move it to my laptop, which is in the same house, would it use Internet data to move it there.

No, it won’t use your data on the internet if your computer / phone is on the same WiFi network as the cloud.

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Thank you, I wasnt sure if it would or not.

It will use your local windows share connection

I tend to agree.  I have been using this WDMyCloud the past 3 months and it has generally been acceptable.  The FW is buggy; frequent hiccups here and there - mainly minor ones, but can be frustrating.  I just encountered another one yesterday.

In April when I did my first Safepoint (mirror), it took about 30 hrs to mirror close to 1TB.  In May I did a Safepoint, and it took about 30 mins - since it updates on an “incremental” basis. Two days ago, I tried to do another update, and it ran for about 30 mins without any progress - hang, I guess.  I cancelled and re-tried about 3 times but without any success.  Error messages started to appear.  So, I got fed up and deleted the original Safepoint and created a new one yesterday.  Its ran OK, but its taking 24 hrs to do this mirror! Yaks!

I spoke too soon - the Safepoint stopped at 99% with the error message "This safepoint is in an invalid state; try updating to fix the problem.  Just tried to update twice - No Go!!!  Looks like I will not attempt any future Safepoints!

Delete the safepoint from the UI, and delete manually the files on the attached disk. Run chkdsk on the attached disk to verify there is no problem with the file system. Then reconnect the disk and start the safepoint over.

Note that when the safepoint runs incrementally, it can show like it is stuck on the UI, but it actually runs “over” files that don’t need to be backed up.

Thanks for the advice.  After a few tries, the Safepoint was completed.:smiley:  

Before I started the new Safepoint, I had formated the attached HDD (2GB) and presumed there were no bad sectors.  You are right; I should have run a chkdsk on it.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the next Safepoint upgrade (I do one per month).

At any rate, always use the eject button from the UI before you disconnect the disk. In my experience,disconnecting the disk without this eject button first will corrupt the file system of the disk for sure.

That’s a good precaution to take; I tend to yank the USB cable out when I am frustrated or exasperated by the error messages.