Interested in online content

Most people on the site are talking about recording and playing back recorded material via their Media player.

Seems PVR devices offer this relatively simply, Those PVR’s which record to an external drive have the added advantage that one can plug the drive into a PC to maintain the media files.

I would like to reach the stage where I no longer record movies, TV or music… but rather grab these from web sites and stream them thru the Liv e player… There are a huge number of sites out there providing good media, however the WD TV Live has very limited sites available to it.

Is there any way of being able to connect to say “Itunes” which has a huge library of free podcasts, as well as music and TV, even though those are not free?  I currently do it via a lap top plugged into a digital TV, which fortunately recognises NTSC, as that’s what the lap top delivers… but I would love a more elegant solution of using the media player, and therefore also constantly having the media available on tap, without having to plug when needed…

Anyone with ideas?   

Just a note to Western Digital… as digital TV’s become more prolific, won’t they do away with the current majority use of a media player? Isn’t this incentive enough to grow the online capability of the media players? Or am I missing the real benefits of a media player in some other way?

If you have an iPhone, there is an app called ZappoTV that finds internet content and pushes it to the WD to play on your TV. This app does do some of the things that you are asking for.