IntelliPark vs complete spindown

Hey there Can somebody tell me what’s the big difference between unloading the head vs complete disc spindown? a) How much “greener” is one to the other? b) How do you set it up? What’s a good strategy for a file server?

Unloading the heads, the platters continue spining… so quick acess to data but consumes more energy off course

but head unloading will already save *some* energy? what’s the better strategy? should i unload heads soon when my server is idle and spindown in a second stage after it’s been idle for quite some time? example: unload heads after a few idle minutes, spindown after 15 minutes of idle stage? what’s a good choice there?

im not an expert but you will have to decide what is the best time to spindown the drives…

if you use the drive very often try spindown in 30 minutes, for example. If you feel that the drive is spining up  several times a day, try an hour

I wouldnt recomend stressing the hard drive with many spin up/downs in a daily basis