Intel board USB 3.0 does not recognize mypassport 500 GB

I have a new Dell-PC with intel board (intel USB drivers) and windows 7 that contains 4 USB3 ports. I have a WD mypassport (500 GB) external HDD that is not working properly when connected to an usb 3 port.

When I first connect the external usb3-HDD to an USB3 port, the PC does not recognize the usb3-HDD device at all .

If I first connect an usb2-external device to this usb3 port, the device is immediatly recognized but I get a message saying that a “better performance can be achieved…”(usb2 in usb3 port). Now I remove the usb2-device and connect my usb3-HDD to the same usb3 port. Now the PC detects the usb3-HDD. I have done some tests to check the transmission rate, in some cases I get only 30 MB/sec and in other cases 90-100 MB/sec. I would guess that in some cases, I may get usb2 and in some cases I may get usb3 connections.

Any suggestions about possible solutions for my problem…

Try updating all drivers for the USB controller ( 3.0 ) and the drive 

Thanks Wizer! I have updated the firmware for the WD mypassport essential to its latest version but I still have problems that the WD mypassport is not recognized by the PC when it is plugged to the usb3 port.  According to Dell I have the latest versions for the intel usb drivers.