Integrated USB Cable for Portable Drive

As abovementioned, it will be nice if the portable drive can come with one.

All Western Digital USB external drives come with the USB cable included.

I believe what simonkoh was trying to say was that the USB cable should be Integrated as part of the WD external harddrive unit, i.e. attached permanently. 

I agree partially with this idea, but rather than starting a new thread I would like to add my thoughts on this. 

I would prefer the cable to come separately as it already does now, as this allows one to use different sorts of cables (longer, shorter) when required, or if the cable becomes faulty. What I was interested in seeing was an indent on the harddrive shell (particularly the passport drives which are great) with some sort of clip or fastener, that can elegantly “coil” the cable around the drive so that the cable doesn’t dangle around when not in use. What do you think?

Thanks in advance and all the best to WD team,