Insufficient space on EX2 Ultra

My Cloud Home is showing just over 4.9TB free space but I cant add anymore to the public folder, it is telling me there isnt anymore space.

Read your error message very carefully. 7.33 EB is much larger than 4.9 TB you have free so you don’t have the space for such a huge transfer. I think you grabbed much more data then you think you grabbed.

Think the nas was confused as file size was only 1.2tb but got it solved. Not as easy as drag n drop on old dlink nas, I had 2 map the destination folder and it transferred fine

Same here, free space more than enough but says it is not enough. Do not understand your solution, but it seems if copying to a subdirectory it will work. Is there a maximum of +/-70 folders in the public folder?

Computers do not get confused. They are machines/tools. Does your hammer get confused ? Computers (which NAS devices are) either have a programming bug , a missing feature or the most common which is likely this case … user error.