Installing XBMC on WD My Cloud


is it possible to install XBMC directly on WD My Cloud?

It will be usefull if MyCloud has hdmi out or tv out.

XBMC without hardware to play multimedia is almost useless, yes as dlna server but MyCloud has a DLNA server installed : Twonky.

Use XBMC as client of MyCLoud via smb, ftp or even nfs.

As sammarbella stated, it would be useless even if you could.

However, if a NAS that will run XBMC is what your looking for…it’ll cost you:

Now I’m using XBMC as a client installed on my laptop - and it works fine. What I’m trying to do is find a solution, where I don’t have to turn on my laptop just to watch a movie. Twonky unfortunately doesn’t do the trick for me, because it doesn’t render external subtitles (which is a big issue to me). After days of searching I found out that the only way is to embed subtitles with some extra tool - still it doesn’t satisfy me, too much preparation :slight_smile:

For XBMC - I just love it’s GUI, so it would be great to have it on WD - shame I didn’t know about qnap earlier…
Anyway - I can live without XBMC if I had server that is able to render external subtitles. I know that there are many topics on this issue, and I’m asking this question without any hope, but… is it possible in any way?

Well, that particular QNAP is going to run you about $1400.00, without drives.  If running XBMC without a PC is what your looking for a cheaper option is to get one of the many Android set top boxes that will run XBMC, or even a cheaper option, get a Raspberry Pi and use Xbian or OpenELEC.

  • 1 Raspberry pi + XBMC vanilla linux distro + app in phone/tablet to control it.

Inexpensive, no noise, very low power consumption and always on.

Connect it to your TV via HDMI and to your NAS via Ethernet.

Add to this option deluge or other torrent client (remember linux is under XBMC) and you get a 24/7 multimedia and torrenting machine controlled from your phone/tablet.

Thanks! Raspbery PI will definitely work for me :slight_smile: