Installing windows on my new WD NVMe SSD

I have brought a new WD NVMe SSD to upgrade my HP laptop.
Please help me with how to install windows and with the end-to-end process after installing hardware

Hi @Harsha0495,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Right-click the SSD that you want to initialize and select Initialize Disk. In the Initialize Disk dialogue box, select the SSD disk you want to initialize and choose the partition style (partition styles are detailed in the next section). Click Ok to begin the disk initialization process.

Hi Greeting,
To be able to install Windows 11 on an NVMe SSD drive, you need to have a computer that supports the NVMe standard and meets the minimum system requirements of Windows 11 . You also need to format the drive using the NTFS file system, to make the drive recognizable once connected to your computer. So check the standard before starting.