Installing Windows impossible - WD Scorpio Black 2,5" SATA 7200RPM

Model: LG E500-V.APSCG Notebook

OS: Windows 7 x64

Motherboard: MSI MS-163L Notebook

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T8100, 2100MHz

BIOS: AMI A162LSL1 V1.05

Data about the Chipset and Controllers taken from Everest (don’t know which one is crucial)

Bustype: SiS MuTIOL

Northbridge: SiS 671 / 671SX / 671FX / 672

South Bridge: SiS 968

IDE Controller: SiS 85C513

RAID Controller:  SiS 1183

I have big trouble installing Windows on my new WD Scorpio Black 750GB HDD:

When I try to mirror my old disc (250GB SATA) onto it, then the mirroring process would fail several hours after the start of the operation. This happens if I have the source disk in the laptop and the target disc in an external case and if it is the other way round. It happens with Acronis True Image and with CloneZilla.

When I try to install Windows on this disk, Windows would extract some files onto the HDD, but after a while the installation fails: “Can’t read C:\Windows\SysWOW64\de-DE\licenses\eval - start CHKDSK”. This hapens with Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 x86

When I start CHKDSK from the recovery tools, I get the following error-message: “unknown error(696e647863686b2e dee)”.

But when I check the disk with DataLifeguardDiagnostics or Seatools the device claims to be healthy. It’s also recognized as an external HDD, when I use it as an external device in Windows.

Unfortunately the disk is absolutely ueless to me, if I can’t get windows to intall on it.
What could the source of the problem be and what could I try to solve it?
Hope you can give me any advice!

best regards,


Hi there, Well, not sure what your problem is. The HD is an Advanced Format drive, so I wonder if cloning a non AF HD is a problem. It’s also possible the motherboard can’t handle a larger drive. I did a Google search and I couldn’t find the specs for your motherboard. You could try reformatting the new drive and install Windows on it again. Make sure you shut off any power saving functions in the BIOS. That’s the best I can come up with at the moment.

Thank You for your reply!

I will try to shut off the power saving options. unfortunately the BIOS doesn’t offer a lot of configuration, so i hope it’s possible.

The funny thing is - when I install windows the installer unpacks the installation files onto the drive but has errors reading those files…

Have you tried Imaging Not Cloning with something like Acronis TI when run from a boot disk? Sometimes Imaging works when clioning doesn’t.


Didn’t try imaging yet… But what for? would it be helpful for the diagnosis?

I installed the HDD in my dektop computer and it works fine there.

So it is obviously a compatibility issue.

Is there anything I can do about it, or is there no way to use this HDD in my laptop?