Installing WD software

I will soon been buying a new computer and would like to know how to download the software for my WD “My Book” ex-hard drive, (which I have had for a few years) to my new computer. I would appreciate any advice.

Hi @vindiboy62,

The My Book drive is a plug-and-play external storage device and will show up on the File Explorer as an external drive when you plug the device into the USB port of the computer.

The drive will show up under the computer’s file explorer as a removable storage drive and you can transfer data to the drive using copy/paste or drag/drop method.

To install Wd software, please refer to this link: Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support

Hi Neha_07, Thank you for the information. I’ve had my WD “My Book” for years now and can’t remember if it installed all the software onto my computer when I plugged it in, and I was a little worried about what would happen when I buy a new desktop computer and install my “My Book” onto it. Once again think you, as I’m a complete novice with computer technology, but I’m slowly learning :slightly_smiling_face:

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