Installing WD elements basic storage 4tb on ps4

I’ve just purchased a WD elements 4 tb basic storage to use with PS4. I’ve plugged it in and just get
The usb storage device is not connected. We’ll it is via the usb lead that came with it.
What’s wrong or am I doing something wrong?
Please can anybody help with advice?
I’ve already checked it on my pc and all is good and has 3.8 GB free.
Cannot understand why it won’t connect to my PS4

PS4 only supports FAT32 or exFAT … if your WD Elements 4TB is NTFS (or any other format) then it won’t work.

More Info Question: are you wanting to use the WD Elements as “Media Storage” or “Extended Storage” ? let me know, and i can answer (i use WD hard drives for both purposes on my PS4 Pro)

Thanks. Amazingly I got it to work. As usual not too sure how but relieved I did.
Thanks for your advice though