Installing the new firmware (french translation => English by google)

Good morning. I’m French.

I updated the firmware on my WD TV Live. Version 2 and I know more (updated via the net, Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2013 ) .
the update went smoothly, the player has restarted and the interface operational again .
I have read the new services they are more numerous , although a bit too Anglo Saxon for my taste . but I 'm not complaining .
there is still " euronews " and " FranceTV Pluzz " , youtube , which has some French pages ( for how long … ) .
So , after this update , one or two minor points :
regarding " euronews " after reboot the WD TV, it was not possible to change the language.
" FranceTV Pluzz " I 'm " click" on a chain , it absolutely nothing happens. but now I do not worry me : probable DRM Loading … France is a country … very closed.
I unplugged the machine after that.
Then I reconnected and I found at least ONE good news : the language selection in " euronews " works!
it was necessary to disconnect and reconnect the device after updating the firmware.
but otherwise , no changes . for the selection of film must be ALSO DRM in air . WD has paid his dues to that law ? :womanvery-happy:

I also stated that the “back” button links directly to the main interface, not the immediately preceding menu.
during startup, I have noted the “loading Mochi …”
for the rest, I did a tour in interface trimmings and I did not find any inconsistencies.
I think I have forgotten nothing.
thank you and more.

Hi philumax, thanks for sharing.