Installing Plex or a Minecraft Server on a My Book Live Server?

I absolutely adore Plex, and I really would like to be able to stream .MKV files directly from the drive without the hassel of conversion. Does anyone know if it’s possible to set up a Plex server on it? I’m okay with Nixing some of the other resource using features to attempt to get it up and running.

Second question would be, has anyone actually gotten a Minecraft server up and running? I’m not thinking hundreds of thousands of players, more like… Less than 10, since it is primary just Java files, and the resource load it uses on my computer is rather minimul. 


Hi, these type of modifications are not supported. Maybe some of the other users can share some advice.

Um. So are you just a bot, Ichigo? The only posts I make and you’ve replied with the same comment, the only post I’ve made which DOESN’T invovle modification was a legitmate issue crafted by the garbage firmware on the device. Curious as to why a WD rep wouldn’t repsond to my legit issue, but has enough time to spam the board with auto-paste replies?

Do some work, for crying out loud.

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Hi alexmohr1990, sorry to hear that my post bothered you. If you check my post list you can see that I spend a lot of my time trying to help other users on this community. Since your question is related to non supported modifications to the My Book Live software and I personally have no experience with the subject, I encourage other users to participate so you can receive some help. Notice that it had already been 24 hours and nobody replied, with a new post from me your thread goes back to the top of this board, so you will have a better chance of other users seeing your question. 

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