Installing newer version on Drive Manager and Anywhere Backup

l have a 500GB My Passport Elite. I’d like to update the software to the latest version that I downloaded from the WDC site. In doing so, I don’t want to lose my backups and settings.

I currently have (from the drive itself):

Drive Manager Version 2.111

WD Anywhere Backup Version 4.00.5484

I want to update to:

Drive Manager Version 2.115

WD Anywhere Backup Version 4.50.6554

So the questions… do I need to uninstall the current version before installing the new version or can I just install on top of the older version?

If I can install on top of the old version, I assume I need to shut down the backup, its service and the drive manager service before starting. Is that correct?

And if I need to uninstall, will I lose my backup?




Is always recommended to backup all the information before you update anything, keep in mind that the firmware update could fail due electrical issues, computer issues and then the backup is gone.

I’m not talking about a firmware update… I want to update the software on my WIndows XP system. Obviously I’d have a good backup on the WD drive. The concern is how to do the update on Windows so the backup remains good and won’t need to be recreated.

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find an answer to whether I can install the new version over the older one or whether I’d need to uninstall the older version first.