Installing larger hard drives in EX2

I bought an EX2 diskless, into which I installed two spare 2TB hard drives. They filled up quickly, so I purchased two 4TB WD Red drives to replace them. The EX2 is currently in RAID 1 mode and set to Auto Rebuild. So I’m wondering if there’s a way to install a new disk, have it rebuild the data from the smaller drive AND increase the overall size of the RAID in the process?

In other words, I eventually would like both 4TB drives in the EX2 to be poplulated with the data that currently exists on the 2TB drives. My plan is to install one 4TB drive and have Auto Rebuild mirror the data from the 2TB, then install the other 4TB drive and have Auto Rebuild mirror the data. At that point, I’ll have both 4TB drives in the EX2, but what I don’t know is if the size of the RAID will increase from 2TB (mirrored) to 4TB (mirrored.) Increasing the overall storage capacity is really what I’m after.

I am not sure, as I don’t use RAID often, but I believe this will not work. For RAID 1 to work it needs both drives to be of same size…and if they are not, it only uses space equal to the smaller of the drives. So if you tried to create a new drive, you’d still be getting a 2TB space out of the bigger drive. You need to google to double-check about my point on RAID 1.

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Thanks for your reply, but I didn’t describe the process accurately enough. I’ve modified the original post to include more information about what I’m asking. If you have a moment to read it, I’d appreciate any further insight you could offer.

Read your revised post…and I did understand already that was what you were trying to achieve with your original post. My answer remains same.