Installing Applications for PASSPORT after drive is in use

Hi there,

I hope someone here can let me know if it is possible to install the Applications that originally came with the PASSPORT external (USB) Drive when the drive is still in use as a backup.

The reason why I deleted all the Applications from the Drive was because I had so much problems with them that in the end I felt it is easier to delete them and just use the Drive as a straightforward backup drive for Copy To or Copy and Paste function. ( I had posted one of the problems on here back in July last year and that was not resolved even after contacting Support directly that in the end I reformatted the whole Drive and start afresh without installing the Applications)

Now that I have so much data saved as backup in the drive, including some sensitive data, I felt the need to have the Drive password protected and wondered if I could install the SECURITY application from the software that came with it (I have all the programs that initially came with the drive saved).  My question is:

Do I need to delete all the backup data to install the Applications or can I just install it while the existing data are in the drive and without corrupting or destroying the backup data ?

Any clarifications or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advanced.

you can leave as is and download and install the software

follow  this steps

Many thanks for the link to the steps needed.

I’ve followed it and it worked and I was able to download and install the utilities. But for some reasons, after the installation and adding a password, when I  reboot my laptop, my PASSPORT drive icon on the Quick Launch came up with a red X across it - indication that the drive cannot be located and there is also no icon on the task bar for the Utility that was installed. The PASSPORT drive does not appear on My Computer as well.

I thought I had lost that drive or at least my access to it until I unplug the drive and replug it. A sign-in page asking for my password then appeared for me to sign in. Should it behave this way and that I have to unplug and re-pug in the drive each time I start my laptop ? (I have the PASSPORT drive permanently connected to my laptop USB.

Any clarification greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advanced.