Installing a Western Digitial Internal Hard Drive

Hi I have a few questions before I begin to install my 1TB  WD Caviar Hard Drive

Do I download Acronis True Image WD Edition on my old hard drive first before I open up the case of my computer

I am using windows 7

Can someone  walk me thru this.

I am some computer knowdlege but the way I understand with SATA you can install you new hard drive and download Acronis True Image and it will clone the old hard drive to the new one.’

Question how do you set the new hard drive to the C drive and the old hard drive to another drive letter?

Confused and wanting to get unconfused



Hi, just install the new hard drive on the computer, install Acronis and clone the old hard drive, then boot from the new hard drive. 

Can you give me more step by step instructions.

Do I have to set jumpers

Do I dowlnload the software program first on old hard drive

Please explain

Thank You


I just install my hard drive and clone it.

When I rebooted my computer, I noticed that my hard drive letter are this.

Old hard drive OS:C

New Hard Drive OS:E

I want to use the New Hard Drive as the master and reformat the old hard drive.

Can I reformat the the OLD Hard Drive C: and my computer will work.

Any ideas