Installing a new EX2 .... best way to move data

i recently bought an EX2 ultra, to replace my old wd my cloud single bay.

i also got a new drive to put in it.

i have a safepoint backup that has all my files from the my cloud.

whats the fastest way to transfer my data over (i have 3.5TB to move) ?

i can connect the EX2 directly to my computer as well as the drive containing the backup, then copy files over by folder (i can use either macos or windows 10). concerning data transfer speeds, this would be faster than doing it with the EX2 connected to my router.

ive used rsync before but would appreciate a refresher on how to use the command in terminal.

thanks in advance

decided to move forward with this plan and it took roughly 18 hrs connected to a mac to migrate about 4.5TB of data.

at this point, i have some questions about performing backups on the EX2 …

i typically used a 5TB My Book connected directly to my old NAS and dud safepoints.

since i have only 1 drive installed in the EX2 and dont quite need more than 5TB yet, i will use the My Book to do backups of the EX2.

the My Book is NTFS formatted, I would keep it that way, for the sake of being able to plug it into a pc and read/write.

if i use it to start a backup job on the EX2, i wanted to know … is the backup job similar to safepoints - in that it will do a snapshot all of my shares and the data in them ?

anyone have any advise concerning external usb backups on the EX2 ?

i am also willing to explore buying a 2nd hdd to put into the NAS and use that as a backup destination for my shares residing on the 1st hdd.

which option is better from a backup integrity/performance perspective ?

perhaps the My Book might be better suited to plug directly into my xbox one to use it for backups, or a media source.

First - - - I never have been too trusting of any type of backup software. Big fan of “drag and drop”

Second - - - The power of the EX2 is the dual drives configured as a mirroring raid. That way. . .if one drive dies - - -no big deal - - -pop in a new one.

Third. . . .the EX2 hardware itself is a single point of failure. I would (and do) have all the files on the EX2 copied on another drive. . . which is not in the same zip code as the EX2.(although. . .it is reasonably close :wink: ). This is FIRE protection as well as hardware protection.


about backing up specifically in my case, the MyBook thats hooked up to the EX2 contains the previous safepoint backup i had done when i used a wd my cloud.

the data on it is basically a duplicate of what i have on the ex2 now since that was my copy source for getting my stuff on the ex2.

at this point i want to decide:

what is the best hdd format for the MyBook ?

it is using NTFS but would rather switch it to exFAT. this way i could unplug and plug into any windows or mac box and be able to read/write.

what im not sure of is how file data is handled when the backup occurs, because the nas is on ext4, while the destination is exfat. so when talking to files that come from an OS that preserves resource forks and other file metadata, just want to make sure i dont lose something important related to restoring the files later on.